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What makes me "Twinkle"?
  • my amazingly sweet little boys
  • anything art
  • being creative
  • all aspects of business
  • music...{secretly singing along to power ballads-lol} 
  • road trips with my hubby
  • ballet
  • constant yoga
  • simple yummy food
  • my mom
  • good conversation
  • drinking my morning coffee
  • travel...staying in hotel rooms especially!
  • friendship:)
  • sleeping in the sunshine
  • sailing with dad
  • Facials...oooh -or any type of massage...ahhh
  • positivity
  • makeup (obvs) especially opening brand spanking new makeup
  • holidays with family
  • learning
  • & last but certainly not least -my unbelievably talented husband.

Jenny DiMucci is an entrepreneur, an artist, proud musician's wife, & a mom.

Jenny DiMucci  has been providing cosmetic services, both in the industry, and beyond for over fifteen years.  With a background in fine arts, business, and a love for all things art, Jenny fell in love with the world of cosmetics.  Working within many diverse companies, and experiencing many different facets of the industry, has strengthened Jenny's desire to build her own brand.  Jenny's idea of makeup, is not to conceal, but to reveal the true beauty of an individual.  Finding beauty in the human figure, each face represents an expression of inspiration for 'painting'.  Jenny treats the skin as if it were a canvas to play with color and explore new looks.  Jenny is currently keeping her pulse on trend, by continuing to work one-on-one with clients and industry experts.


Some Sources of my Inspiration, as well as, some of my amazing Professional Role Models.


my boys...

I have a great need to leave a legacy for my children. I want to feel that I have done something "good" in the world-to make some sort of small impact for my children to learn from; and, possibly carry on, in their own way, in their own lives.  I feel that this idea empowers me to truly enjoy life with a purpose. I love helping others, being part of a team, impacting someone through a simple act of kindness, living a healthy lifestyle, evoking inner confidence in women, caring about someone through a listening ear, and working within the community. These things are important to me personally. I hope to be the best teacher to my children by leading by example as their "role model" -leading their way to having a whole heart, by having them do what they love, showing them their importance, and sharing it with others.


Renowned Painter and Sculptor, Bob Lamb...

One of my greatest mentors, Bob Lamb a Renowned Sculptor from my hometown of Lincoln, RI, shared with me once his idea that people with talent have a job on this earth.  Their job is to use their talent, whatever it is, to show the world its' importance. During my figure drawing sessions, at Rowbottom Fine Art,  (where I worked at the time and was recently a graduate from Wheaton College with my degree in Studio Art), I was told that my talent was important as a painter, by Mr. Lamb. I soon realized that he may have been inspired by some of the work I had been doing in class. I wasn't really even sure of what I was doing- or its importance at that time. I certainly did not think that my sketches and paintings were influencing a major sculptor's work? I think my lack of experience maybe brought a fresh perspective, perhaps a naive perspective, but one that allowed Mr. Lamb to do something differently. He would take his sketches from class and bring them to life with color -refining them to beautifully finished works. I was incredibly moved, inspired, and humbled when I walked into his exhibit. Mr. Lamb had amazingly transformed his sketches into lovely paintings. With his perserverance, determination, and the importance he had placed upon the sketches they had become original masterpieces. I learned many important lessons from that single experience. As an artist, we learn from eachother. I had thought that all the while I was honored to be learning with Mr. Lamb and Mr. Rowbottom as well as their colleagues -while incidentally, my splash of color permeated the room, and we inspired eachother. I learned that you can take one small thing, like a sketch, and make it grand simply by spending time with it.


The amazing world of "OOP!"...where I met my biggest inspiration.

I am an "idea" person? Something I had not known about myself until working at OOP! Contemporary gift gallery. I remember distinctly being a young lass and being behind the cash wrap thinking of new ways of doing things, making what is already good- even better. Soon I had been promoted to a position that I was allowed to create on my own.  A combination of inventory control, window design, and marketing assistant. How amazing... to have that experience at such a young age -to be able to design my own job? Still, I am constantly brainstorming new concepts and wanting to market them in creative ways.  My important "role models" or mentors have been, husband and wife team, David Riordan & Jennifer Neuguth.  Former owners of OOP! in Providence, RI, Festival Fete, and now Iamtra & Ready Set Go.  For me, this duo really challenged me by pushing my ideas to the surface and allowing  me to believe in my ideas and bring them to fruition.  My experience there allowed me to examine my creative side as well as discover the world of business.  Jennifer once said that one of her favorite things to witness is someone who is really good at what they do.  Whether they are a business person, a garbage man, an artist, or a merchant.  I soon learned that I too love to watch professionals "do what they do" so well. I find that honing in on your talents and perfecting them provide such rewards...And David? He is the one who told me that I am an "idea" person during my interview to become their Marketing Director. He was just as shocked as I was about the long list I had drummed up in preparation for the interview. That postition was a super satisfying one for which I will always be grateful. There I met great talent, life long amazing friends, learned many facets of business...but most of all my super duper talented hunk of a husband, Michael "SMOOCH" DiMucci, the love of my life, and the most inspiring person I know...He is definitely my biggest inspiration.


The longest running Italian Cooking Show on Public Television...and the best retailer known explicitly for Superior Customer Service.

As set decorator for Ciao Italia (with MaryAnn Esposito & produced by Paul Lally) for 14 years, where one of my greatest passions is fulfilled - merchandising, decor, color, & composition. I love putting objects together and creating unique compositions with color texture and designing these "still-lifes".  A throwback to my original painting days. This is fun, fun, fun! -for me. Throughout these many years of set decoration, I have merchandised many different retailers sales floors. (and for those of you closest to me, my home as well)  My passion for merchandising, sales, and retail -was groomed under the steady hand, inside the famous doors, of Nordstrom. This is where I continued my love for painting, color, and composition through the medium of makeup art.  Utililizing all I observed and learned from art, retail, marketing, and merchandising, I could fulfill my desire to carry out creative energy and paint a new picture with every face that sat in my chair. How wonderful! C'est magnifique! I could do many-mini-makeup-paintings in one day? That rules! I worked very hard there, becoming the Lancome Business Manager working up the ladder very quickly.  I loved it. Working with a team, running events, doing makeup, working with numbers, & merchandising.  Wow, so fun...I quickly grew from there to move on to run my own department with 60 employees at a a multi-million dollar door. I met many, many amazing people to whom I am still friendly with today. The talent and dedication there is astonishing.


From Boutique Marketer to Buyer to my own Beauty Brand...

From there I was sought out by company Beauty & Main, originally spear-headed by two talented women Jane Forrer-Buettner and Hillary Woodyatt. Beauty & Main- a rapidly  growing  business in need of someone to assist in the challenging endeavor of growing and running the "day to day".  I gladly took on the responsibility and enjoyed every minute of it.  The owners and amazing team that were built there were incredible mentors themselves, and many of the team have since grown to become significant individual players on their own in the cosmetic industry and elsewhere.  I have sincere admiration, respect, and heartfelt gratitude for all that I learned and experienced there as Sales & Marketing Manager, Buyer, & then to become the Co-CEO for the company.  Loving the business of cosmetics is engrained in my heart and has continued to move me to the place I am today. Loving the art of makeup, the one-on-one client relationships, and the entire process from merchandising to selling to applying makeup is what continues to inspire me. Creating my own brand of cosmetics and skincare is a wonderful experience.  The lessons that I have learned from my mentors: The idea that talent is amazing and admirable; the importance that you place on something -is the value placed by yourself- and everyone else around you feels 'it'- the importance; the realization of loving what you do and getting to do it everyday, allowing myself to see what I can do. I am grateful and excited for each day and hopeful through all of my hardwork and dedication, whatever legacy I leave for my children, however little it may seem, they learn from me to work hard, love what they do, help others, and to be excited for their 'everyday' too.


My Mission...

Now, I still have the desire to dream, learn, impact, and grow with the world as someone who cares for others, her children and herself.  My love for artistic expression is bold and forthright and a force that I cannot reckon with.  I want to build a brand identifying passionately with the arts, women, children, and mankind alike.  Joining together in balance: beauty, creativity, and service.  My very own brand consists of beautiful product, a creative artistic movement titled {Inside the Masterpiece} Inner beauty and Inner light -an ever evolving artistic project that I am beginning and my dream and mission is to create a non-profit from this concept, and to continue to grow as an artist, entrepreneur, wife, & Mom - in the world of raw inner beauty to find and discover that quiet inner confidence from these many artistic subjects.













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