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{Inside the Masterpiece}

An Inner Beauty Portrait.

Focus: The Figure and their inner light ...Self-Portraiture.


{Inside the Masterpiece} is an artistic vision focusing on raw beauty within the human figure. Through a series of conceptual photoshoots, artists, and models, we will explore the many facets of beauty through art and the human figure. Working with many mediums of art  such as: photography, makeup art, design, fashion, painting & sculpture through an exchange and collaboration will culminate a fusion of the senses through mixed media. This open-ended concept emerged from artist Jenny DiMucci  as an ongoing dialogue, holding true to the idea of using the human form as our model for our masterpiece, we will examine the questions: what is form? how do we define beauty?  What becomes of the figure?  We will be analyzing many different concepts of beauty, as it relates to the individual subject, as well as ourselves and others around us.


Interested in learning more about this project?


The beauty of art and the process of its application is what inspires our inner light for this project. Figure, form, function and emotion in all of its complexity and simplicity become the elements in our composition-- as living art. This work is created through the incorporation of many talented individuals with their specialized craft to create beautiful artistry. Conceptual sessions  include makeup artists, hair & wardrobe stylists, photographer, fine artists and more depending on the specific project- all in one space sharing and collaborating and “working within the process to a shared goal”.


Our art may include active professional models as well as the everyday man and/or woman. Our hope is to evoke the true inner light captured within that particular figure by showcasing their "self portrait". We wish to  inspire the creative energies of the viewer by allowing them to learn more about that subjects inner beauty. As with all fine art pieces -- a relationship between the viewer and the artwork will foster the potential conversation among each other-- taking and giving in an exchange that is meaningful and inspirational. What is Inside the Masterpiece?


How does {Inside the Masterpiece} work?

{Inside the Masterpiece} stimulates the love of art and passion through meaningful and humanistic pieces of life, light, and the creative process. These concept art pieces will be developed and styled artistically with specific visions designed by the artists; along with, learning more about the chosen “model” or subject being examined. We will take pieces of their life, and their "inner light", as the inspiration for the shoot.

By collaborating with the”model” and other unique and talented artists, together we will document the process of this raw beauty exploration. Taking different topics, interviewing the subject, developing a creative concept for the shoot, and including all participants as part of the artwork will result in creating beautiful pieces. Through this process we hope to spark the interest and idea of exploring the beauty of artistic expression and creativity through different lights, lenses, and mediums -learning about thy self and others throughout the journey.


How is this project important?

This idea of exploring the meaning of beauty both inward and outward, is different to each individual. By realizing that various forms of art and beauty peak the interest of different viewers reveals their own personal truth. We will work with many different subjects side by side to delve deep into the art of the human figure. Capturing different poses and compositions, which will allow the viewer to see the subject in different lights and perhaps the subject will view his/herself in a different light as well. Realizing his/her own self and to deliver the message of their true raw beauty both inside and outside.


Who will, and can be, involved?

Our project can involve vendors, hairstylist, makeup artists, photographers, stylists,  models, the everyday person, and fine artists. Depending on the theme for that particular project. Each subjectwill be interviewed and documented during the process to encourage them and us to feature the subjects inner beauty and showcase them in a celebratory way. Questions may range from simple things such as what is your favorite object to what is your dream...We will feature their story and celebrate their discovery. We as the visionaries for the project will also document each part of the project as a sketch from beginning to end showing the entire process involved.


How did we come up with the concept of {Inside the Masterpiece}?

Originally the idea sparked from watching my clients "become their inner model"…I thought what a beautiful thing to watch? Sort of like a flower blooming, it was as if I were watching my client ease into themselves.  I thought wouldn't it be cool to examine this whole process further and really observe the art of our subject? The power of Art, Makeup Art, and allowing someone to feel as beautiful as they makes we want to learn more about what is on the inside,


Why we are involved in this artwork...and how you could be too?

We all innately have a desire to achieve our accomplishments through discovering our natural talents, fulfilling our curiosities, and remaining true to ourselves. By learning and sharing of ourselves, loving ourselves and giving our gifts to others, makes us feel connected, empowered and free to express what is important to us. And most of all -to have a purpose.


What is the result?

We wanted to capture the idea of extracting the essence of our ‘inner models’ true raw beauty. To bring to life this ‘truth’ through the process of looking {Inside the Masterpiece}. Being ourselves, our true selves, and putting away the ideals, (as a surface level of beauty) and for that moment exploring and celebrating that person, the art involved, and the importance of creative talent.

The Beauty of Art- and loving Art and Beauty- are very different to everyone. Our search for the discovery of Art and beauty through individual eyes and allowing eachothers self expression begins with the inner core of ones being. They and the art are what the Masterpiece signify as the creative concept. We want to discover, sketch, draw, and paint the beauty and the process that we see. We want to dig deep to see one’s raw beauty...the fire that drives us as humans “to do what we do and live how we live”. What drives each person and their energy to move through each day into the next and onto their next path in life? We want to realize each ‘models’ journey and be a part of it through capturing a moment in time and getting to know that person up close and in focus through their lens.

Our hope is to inspire others through this art of discovering the path each subject has chosen to walk in life. Cheering on the wins...encouraging what can be... We want to to lead the way in self expression, inner quiet confidence, and show their inner beauty to examine oneself through differences and love ourselves from within and let the beauty of ourselves exude throughout. We wish that each person realizes both their own ‘inner light’ and the beauty of others as the essence of inspiration to be whatever your wish to be.


How will we explore and plan each {Inside the Masterpiece} Shoot?

We will ask ourselves the following questions and record the results along the way:

What will the artistic production look like and what will be explored and defined?

How are we going to explore the concept of form for our masterpiece?

Who are  the models involved and their impact?

How do we define beauty in this art piece?

What compositions will be considered?

What artists will be involved?

What will be the styling?

What becomes of the figure?


Interactive questions for the subject:

1) Today you were asked to bring some of your favorite items to wear...what did you bring and why are they special to you?

2) As a model, or our "Role-model" what is it about life that you love?

3) What is your dream...and do you believe it as a reality?

4) What is your favorite thing to do...and why?

5) What is beautiful to you?

6) Do you have any special talents, hobbies, or interests...what are they.?

7) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

8) Who is your role model?

9) When you feel your most confident, what are you doing, and why do you think you feel your most confident?

10) When do you feel most at peace?

11) What do you feel like you have gained from this experience?

12) And if you were to mentor someone what would be your biggest piece of advice to help them bring out their own inner model?

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