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Angle Liner & Spoolie Brush

Angle Liner & Spoolie Brush

This multi function tool is a quick and easy way to apply and soften your brow powder as well as cream or cake eyeliner. 
For Brow application, take up a small amount of brow powder onto angle end of brush. Follow natural arch of brow until desired look is achieved. Softly brush out brow with spoolie end of brush fro a natural finish.
For Eyeliner application, apply angle liner brush to product. Wipe off excess liner. Apply to lash line close to root of lash in a press and wiggle method.
Wipe off product in between uses.
Spoolie brush may also be used to separate lashes.
  • Details

    To clean brushes, utilize gentle baby shampoo or brush cleaner, lay flat to dry.
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